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Gemini Lights Titan 4000 OLED Headlight

Gemini Lights Titan 4000 OLED Headlight
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From the shop. Are you a nighttime mountain biker that likes to explore your favorite trails when everyone else has gone home for the day? If this is you, then the Gemini Titan 4000 Headlamp should be on your shopping list. We have been using the Gemini Titan 4000 Headlamp for the past year. riding in a variety of conditions and temperatures as low as -9 F, the Gemini Titan 4000 has shined bright all the time.

There are a couple of features that really stood out for us. Being able to use the 3 adjustable light settings has been fantastic. When we have been on long climbs, powering down to 10% provided ample light. When we went on rolling sections, the 50% power setting provided the perfect amount of lighting. When we came to the downhill sections, powering up to 100% gave us daylight in night conditions. We felt very comfortable letting the bikes fly down the trails at Staunton State Park and Buffalo Creek. In addition to the power settings, having a digital readout that showed the remaining battery life at each power setting was fantastic. At 10%, we have over 22 hours of battery life. Talk about a long ride on one battery charge. One more feature that impressed us was the wireless remote for the Gemini Titan 4000. It worked great and you can synch additional Gemini Light systems including the Gemini Duo 2200.

Some more important information from Gemini Lights.

The Gemini Titan 4000 Headlight is by far the most powerful bike light in the Gemini arsenal. The Titan 4000 was inspired by endurance desert racing - to pack lots of power in a minimalist profile. Maximize your trail vision with a low-profile, center-mounted design that's out of the way. The wireless remote lets you keep your hands securely on the grips and can be paired to operate multiple Gemini lights simultaneously. Programmable brightness levels let you adjust the factory default modes (low-med-high) to any of ten brightness levels on the fly. Why does anyone need 4000 lumens? Well, no one really needs it, but 4000-lumen capability with 2 hours of battery life means that you can run the light at a lower power output of 400 lumens and get 23 hours of run time! For the ultra-endurance specialist, the ability to custom-program a brightness that matches your needed run time is unheard of.


- Recommended for Enduro and Downhill usage where precise line of sight is key
- 6 Cree LED bulbs housed in a durable aluminum casing
- High contrast OLED display shows mode functions and live countdown for available run time
- 60Wh battery which can charge other devices via a USB port and features a power level display
- Light modes easily changed using wireless remote
- 3 light modes with 10 programmable brightness levels: low, medium, and high

Part Numbers

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