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Ski & Snowboard Trade-In Program

We Want Your Kids' Old Gear!

Kids growing up too fast? Got some ski or snowboard equipment taking up space in the garage? Bring 'em in for credit back on your next season rental!

What You Get

  • Stress-free & convenient rental process
  • Binding safety check included ($25 value)
  • Unlimited tunes throughout the season ($50 value per tune)
  • 1 complementary adult wax per family ($25 value)
  • Up to 50% credit for used gear (subject to change based on condition)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can adults partake in the program?
Not at the moment. However, in the future we may have an adult specific program. But call the shop and speak with our ski techs for the best info.

Does the amount of credit change for the amount/type of gear brought in?
Potentially. Call the shop and speak with our ski techs for the best info.

What type of equipment do you take?
We take gently used skis, snowboards, ski boots, snowboard boots, and poles. No helmets please. :)

When I trade for a season rental, do I own that equipment?
Short answer: No.
Long answer: When you sign up for the program, you have to sign a waiver stating that we (EMS) still own the equipment (amongst other fun legal stuff). At the end of the season you'll bring the equipment back and we'll tune and store it until you're ready to rent the next season!

Can we switch out equipment mid season if our child grows?
Yes. We will switch out your gear at no extra cost. (subject to change based on availability)

Is there an age limit?
No, there's no age limit. But the program is only for junior equipment. Once your child graduates to adult equipment, the program is no longer valid. When you are ready to transition to adult gear, we will give you a $75 credit towards your purchase with incoming junior trade.

Can I trade in adult gear for cash or credit?
Yes, you can trade in your adult gear for store credit only. Call the shop and speak with our ski techs for the best info.

Contact us about our junior trade-in program today!