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Gemini Lights Gemini Duo 2200 Multisport Headlight
Listen up, the Gemini Duo 2200 Multi-Sport Headlight is most definitely the brightest and longest run time light I have ever used, primarily with the helmet mount. I ride at night throughout the year, from temps in the 80's to -9 F degrees on the coldest of winter nights while I'm fat biking. The wireless remote control on the handlebar is amazing. When I'm climbing, I drop it down to 10% power setting and climb away with plenty of light. On the downhills, I will bump it upon to 50% or 100% to brighten the mountain sky. I've been mountain biking at night for well over 20 years. I've had my share of lights from other manufactures. Gemini Lights has delivered and you would be one happy nightrider to put this light on your bike! Some more important information about the Gemini Duo 2200 Multi-Sports Headlamp. Small. Light. Powerful. The Duo 2200 Multisport was designed to be your primary go-to light for all headlamp needs. The versatile mounting system allows you to adapt the Duo 2200 to virtually any sport, hence why we call it Multisport. There is also a GoPro Multisport Adapter that allows for the Duo 2200 Multisport to attach to GoPro's vast array of mounting options and styles. The Duo 2200 Multisport boasts a 47% increase in output from the previous Duo 1500 model. It replaces the Olympia 2100 Lumens in the 2000+ lumen category and a new GoPro helmet mount is added to the included array of handlebar, helmet and head strap mounts. Powering the Duo 2200 Multisport is a brand new 30Wh (4000mAh) 2-cell lithium-ion rechargeable battery achieving 2 hours of runtime at maximum power. The new battery features a reversible USB Type-C port for both in/out charging of other devices. A durable outer shell made of high strength polycarbon has yielded a increase in double the impact protection from the previous generation. The new Duo 2200 Multisport adopts a wider beam with an average FWHM angle of 25° for greater width and trail visibility. Features: - Recommended for Enduro, XC, and Road usage with multiple mounting options - 30Wh battery which can now charge other devices via a USB port if needed and also features a power level display - 2 Cree LED bulbs housed in a durable aluminum and high strength polycarbon casing - Light modes easily changed using wireless remote - 3 light modes: low, medium, high - Includes: headlight, 2-cell lithium-ion rechargeable battery, storage case, charger, wireless remote, handlebar mount, helmet mount and silicone mounting o-rings Specifications: - Brightness: 2200 Lumens - Battery Type: External, Rechargeable (USB C) - Run Time: 21 Hours - Beam Color: White - Color: Black
Gemini Lights Titan 2500 OLED Headlight
From the shop, the newest addition to the Gemini family is the Titan 2500 OLED Headlight. Based on the premise of the Gemini Titan 4000 OLED Headlight, there are 6 OLED lights out front to provide plenty of daylight for you on your next adventure. We have put other Gemini Lights through their respective paces and have a blast with them. All of the features from the Titan 4000 OLED Headlamp have been incorporated into the Gemini 2500 OLED Headlight. With the 3 different light modes to the digital readout that shows your battery time remaining, you are provided with the reassurance that you know when it you need to head back to the trailhead. In addition, the wireless remote works great and can be synced with other Gemini Lighting systems such as the Gemini Duo 2200 Headlight. By doing so, it allows you to have one wireless remote with two systems, pretty freaking awesome! From Gemini Lights, here is some more information to see why these are great lights for your next adventure into the darkness! The Titan 2500 OLED brings the same features from our flagship Gemini Titan 4000 OLED to a lower price point. Powering the Titan 2500 OLED is a brand new 30Wh 2-Cell Battery achieving 2 hours of runtime at maximum power. The Titan's design ethos was inspired by endurance desert racing – to pack power in a minimalist profile. A low and wide footprint optimizes airflow over the aluminum chassis enabling for rapid cooling. With so much power available on tap, it's hard to grasp why you'd need anything more than this. The Titan 2500 OLED features a high-contrast OLED display that provides live runtime remaining, battery information, and light modes. 2500 Lumens 30Wh 2-Cell Battery Wireless Remote OLED Display
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