Hey Friends! At EMS we know that sometimes you want to do rad activities without the expensive price of buying them... So here we are! The EMS rental program! Here you will find a ton of awesome rentals that you and your families can use anywhere you want at a great price! Book online now!

Snow Sports:
Kids Ski Day Rental $35
Kids Ski Package Season Rental $175

Liberty Demo Ski $50
Liberty Demo Ski AT $60
Liberty Demo Ski Season $300
Liberty Demo Ski Season AT $350

Meier Demo Ski $50
Meier Demo Ski Season $300

Arbor Demo Snowboard $50
Arbor Demo Snowboard Season $300

MSR Snow Shoes Day Rental $20

Borealis Fat Bike Day Rental $50

Hala Rival Hoss 4 Hour Block $35
Hala Rival Hoss Day Rental $50
Multiday rentals avalible

Sol Train 4 Hour Block $35
Sol Train Day Rental $50

Hala Rado 4 Hour Block $45
Hala Rado Day Rental $60

Dave Scadden Stingray 1 Person 4 Hour Block $35
Dave Scadden Stingray 1 Person Day Rental $50

Dave Scadden Stingray 2 Person 4 Hour Block $55
Dave Scadden Stingray 2 Person Day Rental $75

Dragon Fly Raft Day Rental $100

Fly Fishing Pontoon Craft 4 Hour Block $35
Fly Fishing Pontoon Craft Day Rental $50

Book online now!