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Maxxis' latest traction machine is the Ardent tire. Although Maxxis rates it best in medium and loose conditions, we have found it adequate on medium hardpack to hardpack as well. The Ardent does shine in loose soil, gravelly, or rocky conditions. If you can keep your eyes on your line, the Ardent will keep your bike on it. 

Wide spacing between the center tread and shoulder knobs rewards aggressive cornering. However, when it breaks free, the Ardent offers adequate warning and can still be reigned in after the fact if you ignored said warning. The center knobs, which are ramped to decrease rolling resistance, alternate between fully separated and center-siped knobs for straight-line control. 

The increased width and high-volume casing add grip and will handle challenging terrain without flinching. It's only available with Maxxpro 60a rubber, a medium-hardness rubber specifically designed to give you the most traction possible while maintaining longevity.