Sunlite - Standard U-Lock

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Product information "Sunlite U-Lock"
The Knox U-Lock is a strong, secure U-Lock for an affordable price. It comes with three keys and is big enough to fit around most bicycle frames. It's theft resistant, and weatherproof.

A U-Lock is a reliable way to lock up a bicycle, especially in an urban area like New York City. The Knox U-Lock is an affordable, lightweight U-Lock that uses a keyed tumbler lock to secure it in place.

Knox U-Lock features:

  • 4" wide, 7.75" long
  • Three keys included
  • Bracket included to attach lock to bike frame
  • Weatherproof coating
  • There are three keys included for the flat tumbler lock. The dual locking mechanism ensures high security for even the most experienced lock pickers. The Knox U-Lock can hang from your handlebars, or attach to the included bracket and clip to the bike frame.