Ortovox - Avalanche Rescue Kit Zoom+

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High quality fully equipped avalanche rescue kit.

Product description for Ortovox AVALANCHE RESCUE KIT ZOOM+ from our collection of Outdoor Sports & Fashion: 

The Avalanche Rescue Kit Zoom+ by ORTOVOX gives beginners an economical way to escape the hustle of the slopes and discover the backcountry air.



ORTOVOX has chosen the components to be highly intuitive so they can be easily mastered even in stressful situations. The included Safety Academy Guide Book explains the ground rules and reveals a great deal of background information on the complex topic of avalanches to help ensure that the transceiver, probe, and shovel are not even needed in the first place.

The set consists of Zoom + Badger, Alu 240, Safety Academic Guidebook:

Avalanche transceiver Zoom+

The Zoom+ by ORTOVOX combines the simplest handling with the latest technology and the most advanced design. Reduced to two functional buttons, the Zoom+ concentrates on intuitive usability. The focus on the clearly designed LED-display is on the on / off switches and the switch between transmitting and searching. Distances, directional arrows and information about several avalanche victims guide you in the fastest way to the refined search area, with the intuitive search acoustics making victims easier to locate. Equipped with the patented Smart-Antenna-Technology, avalanche victims are found much better with the Zoom+. The device analyzes ist position in the avalanche and automatically switches to the best transimission antenna. The latest digital 3-antenna technology is taken for granted at ORTOVOX just as much as the automatic switch over in case of a follow-up avalanche.

  • 3 Antennas
  • Smart Antenna Technology
  • Microprocessor control
  • Display lighting with LED
  • Display backlight
  • Self-test
  • Display of all victims
  • Recco Reflector Inside
  • Precise self-test
  • Permanent transmitter monitoring in transmission mode
  • Comfortable bag and hand loop
  • High quality rubber coating
  • Receive function: digital
  • Maximum range: 40 m
  • Search strip width: <40 m
  • Multiple-victim indicator: 2 victims with indication of more
  • Automatic switchover in case of a secondary avalanche: 120 sec.
  • Battery: 1 AA Alkaline 1,5V
  • Transmission capacity approx.: 250 hours
  • Dimensions: 116 x 79 x 23 mm
  • Weight (incl. Battery and case) approx. 200 g

Shovel Badger

The Badger by ORTOVOX is a super lightweight aluminum shovel with an ergonomic, hybrid grip for maximum power transmission. Its sizable blade volume of 2.5 liters is backed up by robust design, pronounced center ridge and high side walls for full rigidity. Non-slip grooves on the top edge of the blade provide adequate traction when wearing boots. A centering aid in the shaft socket facilitates rapid assembly.

  • Hybrid grip
  • Non-slip step grooves
  • High sidewalls and pronounced center ridge for maximum rigidity
  • Shaft designed for rapid assembly
  • Scoop: 2,5 Liters
  • Length: 86 (45) cm
  • Blade: 28 x 21 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 720 g

Probe Alu 240

A rookie’s probe with quick-lock assembly system: the ALU 240 is reduced to the essentials. The quick-lock assembly system allows for quick and simple set up. It is therefore ready for use in just seconds, and can be collapsed and folded just as quickly. The tension can be set by simply turning the optimized adjusting screw. The large probe tip, which has a significantly larger diameter compared to the probe elements, ensures improved penetration. The low weight of just 200g is achieved by using aluminum with a diameter of 11mm. As with all of the ORTOVOX probes, the ALU 240 features easy-to-read depth markers, a clear 1-meter marker and an orange bottom segment to optimally adapt the shoveling strategy.

  • Depth markers
  • Adjusting screw for optimum assembly
  • Visual guide system
  • Large probe tip
  • Aramid tensioning system
  • Small pack size
  • Quick-lock assembly system
  • Number of Elements: 6
  • Tensioning System: Aramid
  • Length: 240 cm /43 cm
  • Diameter: 11 mm
  • Weight: 200 g

Material specifications for Ortovox AVALANCHE RESCUE KIT ZOOM+

  • Aluminium
  • Plastic