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Hala Carbon Straight Up Paddleboard

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Hala Carbon Straight Up 

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10'6" X 32" X 6"

The Carbon Straight Up is a wildly popular board that combines all-around dimensions with glide performance and rigidity that is unequaled by its competition. Smaller paddlers find this speedy setup ideal for everything from cruising across flatwater to easy whitewater. This year’s Straight Up has been redesigned to be even faster and more rigid than previous versions with narrowed shoulders and a lengthened carbon stringer. Have the need for speed in a versatile setup? The Hala Carbon Straight Up is the board for you!

Being one of the first boards in our lineup, the Straight Up has seen 6 years of prototyping and refinement to arrive at this year’s Carbon Straight Up. Versatility and speed is what this version of the Straight Up is all about, making this a great board for smaller paddlers looking for an edge in performance. All-Around dimensions paired with glide rocker make this board at home in many scenarios; whether it's speeding around on lakes, exploring island chains on the ocean, or floating down mellow river sections.
Our Inflatable Carbon Technology features a carbon stringer (lengthened for 2019) that is integrated into the top and bottom of the board, increasing rigidity of this setup by 180%, while not detracting from its ability to be rolled and stored. The resulting stiffness translates to increased glide performance unequaled by other inflatables!
Hop on a Carbon Straight Up and see how one of our most popular boards will put a smile on your face!

Redesigned for 2019
Carbon Construction™
Glide Rocker
Smaller All-Around Board Shape
10 Soft and Centralized Rigging points
Diamond Groove 4mm EVA Deck Pad
1.5” Raised Stomp Pad
2 Removable, Gummy, Side-Bite Click Fins
8” Center Flex Fin
Backcountry Rolling Backpack
Industry-leading 3-Year Warranty