Dave Scadden - Tahiti 6" Paddleboard

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Length: 10'

Width: 33"

Depth: 6"

Weight: 18 lbs.

Dave Scadden's new inflatable Tahiti board brings lightweight performance, portability and affordability to the SUP world. With a myriad of big box stores competing for the lowest price SUP at the cost of quality and performance. Dave's new Tahiti stands alone with uncommon quality and performance found only in high cost boards. Dave's fully rockered hull design combined with a 10' length 33" width and 6" depth give the Tahiti a super stable ride that is fast and user friendly. Combine that with the one of the lightest weight decks (only 18 pounds!) in the industry and you have a board that does it all at a price that you can afford. Matter of fact you can outfit the entire family without breaking the bank!