Dave Scadden - Outlaw Aircraft Float Tube

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Dave Scadden's hot new 2017 Air Craft sets a whole new level of high performance float tube technology.  Weighing in with an unbelievable hull weight of 3lbs 6 oz. the new Air Craft is the lightest float tube in the world.  It is no cheap blow up toy. The Air Craft boasts Dave's exclusive fully rockered hull design, 700 lb. weight capacity, class IV whitewater rating and lifetime warranty.  The Air Craft utilizes multiple layers of urethane coatings both inside and out for unparalleled durability.  Combine this with some of the most sophisticated radio frequency heat welding technologies in the world and you have a tube that is not only lightweight but extremely user friendly. The new Air Craft is a joy to move around both in and out of the water but most of all it is a blast to fish from.

It is like you are fishing on a cloud... You are!


(Hand pump and seat included)