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Dave Scadden - Dragonfly XTC3 Adventure Craft

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Dave Scadden Dragonfly XTC3 Adventure Craft

Dave Scadden's new Dragonfly XTC3 Adventure Craft. Finally a full-size, full capacity drift boat that will fit in the trunk of a compact car! Dave's wild new Dragonfly XTC3 Adventure Craft weighs in at an amazing 65 lbs. It fits easily into a travel bag that can be checked on as luggage, stashed in the trunk of your car or in the storage compartment of an RV.

Dave's new Adventure Craft is minimalistic by design but loaded with exclusive features. It has Dave's fully rockered hull design that is completely self-bailing and his rigid inflated floor system that allows you to stand and sight fish at will. It's cool new inflated seats offer you the comfort of an air bed, yet deflate and disappear when not in use. It also features a built-in motor mount, full wrap scrub strake, cushioned handle system and Dave's exclusive stainless steel integrated oar lock system. The best part about the new XTC3 Adventure Craft is the fact that it can be inflated and ready to go in less than seven minutes, no assembly required. It is lightweight, high performance, use-friendly and ready for your next adventure!

Package Includes:

Comes with pump, 3 inflatable seats, 2 piece aluminum oars and all components.


Length: 12'

Width: 52"

Diameter: 16"

Weight: 65 lbs.

Weight Capacity: 1600 lbs.

Frame: Frameless Frame Material: Frameless Pontoons: Bladderless Floor: 6" inflatable multi-laminate rigid floor insert 4300 Denier self-bailing floor Oars: 2 Piece Aluminum Oar Locks: Integrated Stainless Steel Seat: Inflatable

Warranty: Lifetime against manufacture defects