Coghlan's Snake bite kit

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You can never be too careful when it comes to snakes, so it's always safe to bring the Coghlan's Snake Bite Kit whenever you go into the wilderness. This medical kit offers easy-to-use tools essential for treating snake bites. It has a lymph constrictor that can be used easily with just one hand to slow down the venom from spreading. One small high-suction cup brings the venom out from a small bite surface, while the two large high-suction cups are for areas of the body with multiple snake bites. These cups will provide a proper airtight seal around the wound to effectively suck out the venom. There are also antiseptic swabs to clean the wound and prevent further infections, a scalpel, and detailed instructions. The kit only weighs 1 oz. (28 g.), but it has the tools you need in case of snake bites. So make the Coghlan's Snake Bite Kit part of your travel essentials.