Capo- Helix Jersey, Black, Small

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The Capo Helix Short Sleeve Jersey is fast and comfortable, a skinsuit fit top that is as inviting to wear as a worn-in t-shirt. The difference here is that the Helix makes you faster and feels better when you’re sweating buckets.

The jersey is made of several textiles, but the main panels are made of Super Leggero microfiber. As the name suggests, it’s really light stuff. It also has great hand, stretches well, wicks, and is treated with Coldblack technology. Coldblack is a treatment applied to Black fabrics that does a neat trick: rather than absorbing heat, like most dark colors, it reflects it, thus keeping you cooler. The back, pockets, and side panels are constructed out of four-way stretch Ultra Lite Mesh. This three-dimensional material is so light, it’s barely there. Super for hot and humid riding conditions, though you’ll want to use sunscreen on your back if you go without a base layer. The underarm panels are made of eyelet mesh, which you probably already know from bib strap material. This stuff is even lighter and stretchier than the microfiber, and allows sweat and heat to pass through them quickly. The sleeves are finished with power grip cuffs, which hold onto your arms, keeping the sleeves in place.

The jersey is finished with a number of nice features. One is an YKK zipper possessing a locking slider. Flip up to open or close, flip down to keep in place. You can even open the jersey by flipping up the slider, then tugging at the jersey, and the zip will slide down. Another his three pockets that have reflective tabs on the sides.