Capo - GS-13 Wind Vest Yellow Men's Small

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Even if you grew up romanticizing the image of weather-beaten riders stuffing newspapers up their jerseys as they crest mountaintops, you know by now that there are far superior ways to protect your torso in cold winds. The Capo GS-13 Wind Vest has been designed to be a versatile piece that will get you through the toughest cold, wet afternoon rides.

This Wind Vest is a member of the GS-13 family, which means that that Capo has lavished on the piece hundreds of hours of research and development with the sole goal of making the most effective outer-wear protection suitable for high-performance racing or training. The main material is the Windtex Lite Membrane, which is Capo’s premier lightweight material. It is stretchable and compact which means that you can fit it over your jersey even if your pockets are over-packed, but it can also be collapsed down a to small enough ball to fit comfortably in your jersey’s rear pocket in case you don’t need to wear it all ride. The rear of the vest has a ventilating mesh, and the zipper is a two way zipper, increasing the ways in which you can ventilate; sometimes it is warm enough that we don’t need our full front covered, but the breeze is still chilly enough that our chest can get too cold. Just pull the zips up from the bottom, airing your belly, but ensuring your chest avoids getting dangerously chilled.

Three rear pockets make this the perfect vest to wear if you know you’re going to need it the entire ride. Then you can load up your gels and phone and still have easy access to them. The material is lighter than the Thermal Vest, which means that you can turn to the Capo GS-13 Wind Vest in the summer for those mountain rides or if you live in a chilly, damp climate. And if the afternoon rains start spitting down on you, there will be no need to seek shelter since the Capo GS-13 Wind Vest Windtex material will keep you protected from everything but the heaviest downpour.

The versatility of the Capo GS-13 Wind Vest will cause you to turn to it throughout the year as the best way to ensure that added level of protection our outdoor sport often demands.

  • Windproof Rating: wind-resistant
  • Venting: full-length front zipper
  • Material: WindTex, Micro Quattro
  • Fit: form
  • Recommended Use: cool weather road cycling and racing
  • 3 Back Pockets 


Armpit to Armpit: 16"

Length of Zipper: 20"

**all measurements are approximate**