BCA B-1 EXT Bomber Avalanche Shovel

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Backcountry Access B-1 Ext Bomber Shovel

The BCA B-1 EXT Bomber Avalanche Shovel is ideal for the weight conscious backcountry skiers and snowboarders. The shovel is both light and extendable for those backcountry adventurers that prefer the comfort and functionality of an extendable shovel. The Bomber line boasts an off-the-chart strength to weight ratio, while taking up minimal storage space in your pack. Remember, the excavation process in an avalanche rescue is where the most time can be lost or gained.

B-1 EXT Avalanche Shovel Features

  • The 6061 aluminum BCA Bomber shovels feature an oval shaft with a more packable, bombproof, “ferrule-less” blade, ergonomic grip, and T6 heat treatment.
  • Includes an end cap on the shaft, which prevents snow from building up along the inside.