45NRTH Men's Ragnarok Cycling Shoe

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45NRTH Ragnarok Cycling Shoe

Whether you're pedaling through snow crusted singletrack on the cusp of early winter, or making your commute on a bitter morning with drenched roads, the 45NRTH Ragnarok MTN Shoe keeps your feet warm and dry in mild to moderate winter conditions. It's not an insulated fatbiking boot, though you could use them for fatbiking with the right kit. Instead, it's a performance cycling shoe with a wind and water-resistant membrane, making riding more enjoyable when it's cold and wet outside.

The shoes are constructed of a microfiber upper paired with a neoprene cuff that shields your feet from the elements, with reinforcements on the toe and heel to resist abrasion. The protective membrane provides warmth and a high level of wind and water resistance, but is not completely waterproof. This allows a bit of breathability and moisture regulation, ensuring your foot stays comfortable during more intense aerobic efforts. For extremely wet conditions, 45NRTH recommends covering the ankle with waterproof rain paints for the best level of protection.

The uppers are joined to a reinforced nylon sole for efficient power transfer, with a rubber outsole infused with microscopic glass fibers to increase traction on slippery surfaces. The closure system is a Boa dial with micro-adjustments to help you dial in the perfect fit. Lastly, they are compatible with 2-bolt cleats only, and recommended down to temperatures of about 25-degrees Fahrenheit per 45NRTH.


  • Performance cycling shoes for cold & wet conditions
  • Wind & water-resistant membrane keeps feet warm & dry
  • Neoprene ankle cuff delivers extra protection from the elements
  • Durable uppers with reinforced toe & heel resists wear & tear
  • Reinforced nylon sole provides efficient power transfer
  • Outsole with micro-glass filaments finds grip on slick surfaces
  • Boa dial with micro-adjustments delivers the perfect fit
  • Compatible with 2-bolt cleats only