Service For Every Season

Bike Service

At Evergreen Mountain Sports our service department is committed to treating you and your equipment with the utmost respect. Whether you are a racer looking to get the most power out of every pedal stroke or a recreational rider looking for professional service, we are here to help! Estimates are no charge and we'll keep you updated every step of the way. 

Basic Tune - $50.00
With the basic tune, we'll check over the nuts and bolts to make sure your bike is solid and safe to ride. We'll also correct any minor problems with wheel true as well as check and correct the adjustment on your brakes and derailleurs. This is an excellent service for bikes that need their first tune-up!

Plus Tune - $80.00
This is our most popular service package and best value. First, We'll give the wheels a frame the cleaning they deserve. The wheels will be trued so that they roll nice and straight. We'll check the adjustment and function of the bottom bracket and headset, as well as adjust the hubs for optimal rolling resistance. The derailleur and brakes will be adjusted precisely. Your bike will be all set for the adventures and miles ahead!

Deluxe Tune - $125.00
Everything from the plus tune plus a drivetrain cleaning!

Drivetrain Cleaning - $45.00
A clean bike is a happy bike, so let's clean up that drivetrain. We'll scrub the chain, cassette, chainrings, and derailleurs to make them sparkle like new! Add this service to any tune or order it a la carte. Either way your bike will thank you.

Complete Overhaul -$200.00
The title says it all! We'll completely strip the bike down to the frame. Each part will be cleaned thoroughly and we'll rebuild the entire bike from the ground up. This includes everything in the Deluxe tune, but we'll also clean and rebuild your loose ball hubs, bottom bracket, and headset with fresh grease and fresh bearings. With the overhaul there is no additional labor charge for removing/installing any new parts. This is a great option if you are looking to upgrade any major parts on your bike!

Ski/Snowboard Service

Taking great care of your equipment will truly enhance your experience on the slopes! All of our snow equipment work is done by hand: we don't take your pricey gear and toss it into an automated machine! Skis and boards need individual attention, and that's why we work with you from the get-go to meet your individual needs with every tune!

Hand Wax - $20.00
Keep your gear sliding fast with a quick hand wax! We use temperature specific wax to make sure you're prepared for the conditions in our backyard or abroad

Side Edge - $20.00
Give your equipment the confidence inspiring "bite" by sharpening the side edges.  We'll do it by hand to give you a more precise edge than a belt sander along with a custom bevel to meet your needs!

Green Tune - $35.00
We'll sharpen your side edges and give your equipment a hand wax

Blue Tune - $50.00
We'll start by hot-scraping the base to clean it up. (Hot-scraping is superior to using base cleaning solvents because it doesn't dry out your base with harsh chemicals.) You'll get a custom base and side edge bevel followed by a temperature specific wax.

Standard Mount - $40.00
We'll carefully mount bindings from most manufactures to your skis. This includes working with you to find the best mount location for your skiing style as well as performing function/release tests in accordance with industry standards. 

Function/Release Test or Integrated Mount - $25.00
If your skis have an integrated binding set-up, we'll mount the bindings and perform function/release tests. It is always a good idea to have your equipment tested every season!