Garmin Rally XC200 Pedal Power Meter Pedals

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GARMIN Rally XC200 Dual Sensing Power Meter Pedals

From the shop: Are you an avid mountain biker who wants to know how much power you are generating on your pedal stroke. Garmin has introduced the Garmin Rally XC200 dual sided sensing power meter pedals. Withe the dual sided power meters, it insures accurate power measurements throughout your ride. Have two bikes that you want to use the pedals with? It is easy to transfer the pedals from one bike to the next.

The Rally XC200 Dual Sided Power Meter Pedals offer the rider advanced riding dynamics, providing the rider with more valuable information in addition to total power and cadence.

Wondering which of your legs are providing more power, the Garmin Rally XC200 Dual Sided Power Meter Pedals allow the rider to compare the power dynamics between your right and left legs. Why is this important? It allows the rider to adjust their training to improve their overall power dynamics. 

If your wondering how much time you spend standing or seating during your ride, the Garmin Rally XC200 Dual Sided Power Meter Pedals provide this information.

If your wondering how long the battery last on these pedals, it will be one long ride. The rechargeable batter last up to 120 hrs.


- Battery type: LR44/SR44 (x4)
- Battery life: up to 120 hours (with LR44 battery type)
- Weight: 316g
- Water resistance: IPX7
- Max. rider weight: 105kg
- Accuracy: +/- 1.0%
- Cleat type: Shimano SPD
- Q-factor: 53/55mm with supplied spacing washer
- Stack height: 13.5mm
- Field calibration
- Adjustable release tension
- Garmin Connect
- Measurement location: Spindle
- Communication: ANT+ and Bluetooth

In the Box:
- Rally XC200 pedals
- Cleat hardware
- 55mm Q-factor washers
- Documentation