Steamboat Play Day

Steamboat Play Day

5:00 AM the alarm clock goes off... Snooze button.... 5:05 and snooze.... 5:10, "ugg, alright lets go..." This is me in the morning. I pull into the EMS parking lot around 6:20 to meet up with Bogs and Paul and off we go to Steamboat.

The drive to Steamboat took us roughly 2 hours and some change but it was scenic and beautiful. This was my first time in Steamboat and it felt like home! What an amazing mountain town! Our first stop was at Hala to say hello to our friends there. From there, it was off to park our car just beyond D-Hole. After the shuttle drop we headed up river to begin our journey. 

We put in higher than usual and enjoyed a slow moving but playful Yampa river. This gave us some time to warm up before the fun really began. Being new to whitewater SUP, I had some nerves going from the stories I heard from the Yampa River Festival; but as we got going I had nothing but stoak! Drop after drop I got more and more excited until D-Hole. This area was as bogs' says, "Interesting". We entered the drop river left and quickly found ourselves being recycled through the water. The solution for next time is river left! 

After three solid runs on the Yampa we decided it was play time in the C-Hole! Breaking out the camera we began to play. Paul and Bogs took run after run, experimenting and trying out new things while working on their technique as I ran around the banks searching for the perfect angles to get shots of the team ripping it up. Sometimes Paul and Bogs made it and sometimes they ate it but for the most part we all enjoyed a great time on the river! 

To close out the day we enjoyed the Back Door Grill with burgers and beer, a place I highly suggest everyone checks out!  After all, they serve burgers on glazed donuts!!!! ITS AMAZING! 


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